InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Zip-In-Go Sports Towel”

Independent inventor Randy H. enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Sometimes, it can be burdensome to transport a variety of items without carrying a backpack, purse, fanny pack or some other form of storage bag. Unfortunately, not everybody, especially men, enjoys carrying extraneous bags or pouches to accommodate their necessary items. With Zip-In-Go Sports Towel, the user would not have to carry anything that is not usable and practical, instead the user would be able to turn their sports towel into a tote bag, eliminating the need to carry anything, including extra baggage, that is not used.

Zip-In-Go Sports Towel is an article that is able to convert from a sports towel to a tote bag and back again in a quick and effortless manner. This provides a stylish and practical way for a person to carry a sports towel, when they are working out or jogging, while providing the option of transporting other merchandise in a tote bag. This would be ideal for anybody who goes to the gym and requires a towel and other items, but has limited storage space. With Zip-In-Go Sports Towel, the user could easily transport their extra necessities in the tote, store them in a locker and then transform the carrying device into a towel that can be utilized while working out. Zip-In-Go Sports Towel enables a person to function in a hands-free manner, allowing them to focus on the activity they are currently involved in rather than trying to carry and balance all of the items they have to bring along.

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