InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Two Step Eye Bolt Driver”

Independent inventor John Morris enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Eyebolts and hooks are commonly used to hang items in a garage or barn. However, installing eyebolts and hooks in such locations can be exhaustive, time consuming and difficult. There are various attachments designed to install and remove eyebolts with drills. Unfortunately, most of these devices are dedicated to one particular type or size of eyebolt and are not very versatile.

The Two Step Eye Bolt Driver provides far greater convenience to the user, saving both time and energy. This attachment is versatile and capable of installing and removing a wide variety of eyebolts, hooks, wing nuts, and more in various sizes. The attachment can be used on any 3/8” drill to drive a wide variety of specialized fasteners. The attachment can also be used with items of various sizes. The attachment is available in two sizes. The product has an issued Utility patent, and finished samples are available.


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