InventionHome and announce their Invention of the Week – “Tree Hugger”.

Independent inventor Kevin L. enlisted the help of (sister company of InventionHome) to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Tree Hugger is an adjustable high fiber vinyl product for creating Vertical Gardens in only seconds, without using any tools, nails, ropes or chains and without any damage to a tree, column or post you can place the TREE HUGGER™ on just about anything you can imagine.

Attempts have been made to display pots, plants and ornaments that have included ground based stands and elevated supports. Many of these stands can require assembly time and be expensive to purchase and assemble, as well as be unsightly and unattractive. In addition, such stands take up valuable ground space, which restricts use and enjoyment of backyards and gardens. For example, townhouses, and many new homes, have small backyards that do not allow for the display of many planters and pots. Thus, ground base stands are undesirable.

The Tree Hugger solves all these problems and much more. We can also use the Tree Hugger for a thousand more uses, this may sound like an exaggeration but it is not. There are an endless number of Sku’s that can placed on a Tree Hugger, not only pots & plants also our custom made bird feeders, bird baths, double table, single table, tools, lights and ornaments. Think about all the different ornaments there are for all the seasons. The Tree Hugger was engineered for Halloween and Christmas ornaments. No other device enables all of these different items to be placed not only on trees but also square concrete light polls and pilings. The Tree Hugger is also adjustable and practicable device that can fit small or large trees, column or post horizontal, vertical or anything in-between
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