InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “The BKind® Leashing System”.
Independent inventor Jeremy Cohen enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

The BKind® Leashing System is designed to absorb the shock generated when a dog pulls or lunges during exercise walking. This unique product spreads the energy and force created when the leash is pulled, so there is no shock to the anatomy of the dog or the walker. Because of its multi-directional and self-equalizing attributes, this innovative device enables the walker to keep their dog in a proper position, making handling their dog safer and easier.

The BKind® Leashing System incorporates shock cords and sliding rings in configurations that allow the force exerted from pulling on a leash to be dissipated through the shock cords, which run through material around the dogs’ torso. No pressure is applied to the dog’s throat, as occurs when a leash is applied to a common collar. The sliding rings allow the BKind® to be multi-directional and self-equalizing (meaning no matter which direction the dog moves, The BKind® Leashing System equally and effectively dissipates the exerted force across the dog’s anatomy, and helps reestablish the dog to the proper position for walking).

Placing The BKind® Leashing System on a dog involves two easy steps:1) Slip the neck loop over the dog’s head and bring the remaining portion up to the dog’s belly and sides.2) Clip the side cord (over the back) to the side clip, and the in-line cord (along the back) to the rear ring. From there, any leash (such as a BKind® leash) can be clipped to the rear ring.


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