InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Quick Saw”

Independent inventor Lance Steinmann enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Quick Saw is a drill powered reciprocating saw that offers individuals added safety during use. The apparatus can be used in the same manner as a standard reciprocating saw, but is more convenient to keep with you and works with any standard battery operated drill. This product disengages the saw’s drive mechanism, which allows easy connection and disconnection from the drill. The gear assembly may include a motor drive shaft that may be connected to an electric drill, which drives a jackshaft by means of a pair of interlocking gears. At rest, the drive shaft is biased by a spring to a position where the gears are not in contact with each other. When the operator pulls the saw housing toward the drill, the spring is compressed and the gears are engaged, thus allowing the saw to operate. Should the operator lose his grip on the housing, the spring biases the drive shaft back to its original position, thereby disengaging the gears for enhanced safety.


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