InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Power Out Time Saver”

Independent inventors Troy and Kellie Singer enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their patented invention.

Power-Out Time Saver provides consumers with a compact and reliable battery back up for electronic devices during a power outage. This product eliminates the undesirable effect that may be caused during a short-term power outage, such as losing the time function incorporated in many electronics. Any electronic device needing a constant uninterrupted supply of power to perform properly may be plugged into the adapter. This may include devices such as televisions, alarm clocks, microwaves, gaming consoles, and the like. If the AC power source is interrupted, the device that is plugged into this adapter will run off of the adapter’s battery. No more annoying tasks like resetting clocks.

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