InventionHome and announce their Invention of the Week – “Pouch Painter”.

Independent inventor Phil Martelly enlisted the help of (sister company of InventionHome) to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Think of how messy and tiring painting can be when going back and forth to the paint can or continuously bending down to the aluminum tray, brush in hand, each time more paint is needed. Luckily, the woes of painting will no longer trouble consumers thanks to the Pouch Painter.

Pouch Painter is the only paint containment product on the market that you wear, offering a convenient, safe, and hands-free way to paint comfortably. Pouch Painter holds 1.5 quarts of paint and has a spill resistant lid. The paint-resistant apron features adjustable straps for comfort, loops for holding accessories, and convenient pockets for storage. It offers safety, comfort and convenience.

This unique product is for the do-it -yourself painter or the professional. If you like the way it looks, you’re going to love painting with it.

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