Invention of the Week: Pet Gard

Invention Home announces their “Invention of the Week”.

Independent inventor David Rice enlisted the help of Invention Home to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention, “Pet Gard”.

David wanted a safe way to take his pets with him on his daily errands…

Are you a pet lover who wants your pet’s company at all times? Do you like to take your pet with you in the car, but worry about the heat rising as the animal sits awaiting your return? Inventor David Rice has designed the perfect product for you! Pet Gard is a heat and sound activated alarm system designed to warn pet owners that the interior of their vehicle has reached a dangerous temperature. The portable unit consists of two separate components: a monitor and a pager. The monitor is plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, which activates it. When the interior of the vehicle reaches a predetermined temperature (factory set), and three similar sounds are detected within 20 seconds, a signal is sent to the pager. The pager will beep until the user presses a “dismiss” button. The beeping will sound again, every 60 seconds, until the user goes back to the vehicle, checks on the pet and either resets the monitor or unplugs it. David has an issued Utility Patent as well as a finished sample.


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