InventionHome and announce their Invention of the Week – “Med-A-Bed”.

Independent inventor Mark McCabe enlisted the help of (sister company of InventionHome) to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Med-A-Bed is a unique, patent pending pet bed that you can easily and quickly convert to a device that allows you to control your small pet’s movements while you dispense medications to it.This pet bed is the only one on the market that is designed to be used as a comfy bed and also as a humane way to give your pet the meds it occasionally needs. The soft, faux lambswool interior ensures that your pet will not be harmed as you wrap it gently but firmly to snug it up to prevent movement that allows you to do what is needed, whether it be dispensing meds or treating an eye, ear, or dental issue.Med-A-Bed ‘s unique, adjustable Velcro fastening system, built right into the design of the bed, allows you to adjust the tightness around your pet regardless of it’s size. This frees up the use of both of your hands, which can make the difference between a successful operation and a disastrous one. Picture your small pet wrapped in a burrito and you get the idea of what this looks like when in use.If you’ve ever tried to give your pet medicine, especially a rambunctious cat, you know how difficult this can be. It can be a traumatic experience not only for the pet but also for the person in charge of this task. Using a familiar object…your pet’s own bed…makes it easier to complete this difficult chore.

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