InventionHome and announce their Invention of the Week – “LitterZipper Cat Litter Scoop”.

Independent inventor Sheri Platt enlisted the help of (sister company of InventionHome) to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her product.

LitterZipper is a cat litter scoop which allows the user to collect animal waste with the least amount of odor, contamination and spillage. To use, simply attach any size or shape bag to the rear of the scoop, under the durable and tight clips. Use the scoop as you would any other, then simply tip the scoop back to let the waste fall through the tube and into the collection bag. Simply remove the bag from the clips, seal it up, and dispose of the waste. Currently, LitterZipper is sold with 5 zipper seal bags, but it works great with or without bags. Ms. Platt currently sells the LitterZipper in limited distribution, and is seeking additional distribution opportunites with the help of InventionHome and

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