Invention of the Week: The Doodle Daley

Inventor Susan Drexler decided that she needed a better way to clean up dog messes in the yard….

Are you tired of stepping in your dog’s “Doodle” or cleaning it up each day with a plastic bag that makes your regular trash can smell? Inventor Susan Drexler was, so she decided to do something about it. She invented the Doodle Daley which is a fire hydrant-shaped pet waste receptacle. It features a side-hinged lid for easy flip-top accessibility to the inner bag-lined holding area, and a handled scoop that can simply unsnap for use. The back of the unit features an attached stabilizing fork that lifts to act as a handle and lowers into the ground to keep the unit firmly in place. The unit also features wheels so that moving it around the yard is simple! Susan has filed for a Utility Patent on her invention.


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