InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Dog/Cat Collar and Leash with Attachable Charms”.

With the help of InventionHome, independent inventor Angela Dawe’s concept for a dog/cat leash and collar with attachable charms is now being sold in over 1,145 PetSmart locations nationwide! The collars and leashes are worn and used in the same fashion as standard collars and leashes. But unlike the traditional devices, Dog/Cat Collar & Leash with Attachable Charms are functional and stylish. Users may choose to add different charms to the collars and leashes such as hearts, stars, sports, charity awareness and many more styles. These decorative charms can show the personality of any pet or owner, while also being comfortable for the animal to wear.

Angela came to Inventionhome with an idea and a crude sample, and we helped her develop the concept, market her idea and close a licensing deal.


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