Doctors of Podiatric medicine stress the importance of hygienic care of toes and toenails—especially critical for diabetics. ToeMedic® is a personal care tool designed for easy, independent care of toes and toenails. The device features an extending handle with a small sock at the specially designed slat end, making it easier and more efficient to wash, dry, and apply medication to toes and toenails for individuals who have limited physical dexterity and are unable to fully bend at the waist to reach toes and toenails. ToeMedic® allows users to regain their independence in the care of their precious toes.

Proper hygienic care of the toes and toenails is extremely important for elderly, diabetics, and others with sensor nerve damage to the feet and toes that may prevent awareness of dangerous sores or infections. Physically limited individuals may have difficulty bending to reach their toes for washing, drying, or applying medication. Assistance may be required, causing most people to feel disappointed or embarrassed if they cannot independently take care of basic daily routines. In the worst cases, these important hygienic procedures are not done at all.

ToeMedic® is an extending hand tool used to wash, dry, and medicate the toes and toenails. The device helps a person wash, dry, and apply medication on and between toes and to toenails without requiring the user to bend excessively at the waist. Comprised of a thin polymer slat having a handle, the device is attached via a hinge pin to a second thin slat. The second slat is then folded out and locked to an extended length of 21” allowing easy reach of toes and toenails from standing, sitting or reclining positions, with little or no bending at the waist.

Included in the retail package are 15 soft cotton multi-use socks. For use, a sock is firmly attached to the end of the extended slat via a fastener clip. The sock allows easy washing, drying, and application of prescription or over-the-counter medication to the toes, between the toes, or to the toenails. For more effective use, the lower slat patented design features “ball-like” shapes at the slat corners that allow full contact with the interstitial space under and between adjacent toes. The ball shapes also facilitate more accurate application of medicine to the toenails using a “dabbing” motion at each toenail.

For economy, also included is a small mesh laundering bag to assist in washing and drying the socks. For convenient storage until the next use, ToeMedic® can be folded and hung. Because re-use of socks previously used for medication application is not recommended, a convenient “ToeMedic® Sock Refill” package is available separately, containing 15 additional socks and an extra mesh laundering bag.