The “You In?” Dining Plate is a patented two-part plate with a clear top displaying a design of the host’s choice. Endless insert design possibilities range from whimsical characters for a child’s birthday to crystal monograms for fashionable dinner parties, and everything in between. Insert style into any occasion.

When hosting parties or events, people often choose special occasion ceramic plates or disposable decorative plates. Some events, such as weddings or elegant dinner parties, call for china. However, this is not always practical and does not allow hosts the flexibility of a personally designed tabletop. Multiple sets are expensive and clutter valuable cupboard space. They may shatter if dropped or cloud and crack in the dishwasher. While disposable plates are less expensive, they are not environmentally friendly, often buckle under the weight of food, and may not be an appropriate choice for more elegant gatherings.

The “You In?” Dining Plate makes individual style the centerpiece of any event, turning tabletops into memories. This innovative, all occasion two-part plate features a crystal clear Tritan-tough top plate that looks like glass, but is shatterproof. The elastomer non-skid “press-in” base keeps the plate in place, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The top plate and base seal together by way of a double groove system, where insert designs are secure in the dishwasher, while assembled. One plate becomes many and may be used over and over again. The plate measures 11” in diameter, is BPA-free, and made in the USA.

To change insert designs, place the clear top plate facedown on a flat surface. Place the desired design facedown on the clear top plate. Then, assemble the base by matching concentric grooves to the top plate and apply pressure around the entire perimeter to engage the seal.