The Herb Grower is an advanced and easy-to-use modular vertical garden system that allows users to grow fresh greens, aromatic and decorative indoor and outdoor plants, and medicinal herbs.

Small spaces can be some of the most difficult environments to squeeze in a garden; however, adding plant life to cozy homes or workspaces can make it seem cleaner, brighter, and livelier. Most growers currently on the market require people to grow plants from seeds, which is timely, difficult, and forces people wait before they can enjoy their garden—all of which are discouraging. Additionally, a handful of fresh aromatic herbs can make a big difference in the quality and flavor of dishes, but unfortunately, packs of herbs from the supermarket are usually not fresh and mostly end up wasted.

he Herb Grower is a stylish and easy-to-use system that will not only inspire users to work on their green thumb, but also turn their plants into a living work of art, by easily changing plant positions whenever they want to create elaborate patterns of color and shape. The Herb Grower is specially designed for flexibility, which does not exist with any other product on the market. This innovative product comprises a modular structure with a rectangular shape, clean aesthetic, and modern design, with capacity for four individual pots at an angle. The modular design allows users to acquire more pieces over time and expand their vertical garden, and the individual pots allow users to handle and care for, as well as modify the visual appearance of the garden in seconds.

Additionally, an integrated gravitational irrigation system with a water reservoir allows users to fill the reservoir, which then delivers water to each plant quickly without wetting or staining walls. The structure’s mounting device allows for quick installation and can be easily changed from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa. In use, The Herb Grower can be used as a rack of live herbs to keep on hand when cooking and as beautiful decorative elements in homes, apartments, and offices. It can also be sold in flower shops to make beautiful arrangements, instead of typical vases, and doubles as a gift. The Herb Grower can further be used to encourage people to explore gardening, as it’s simple, fast, and effortless.