The Boss AbBlaster is a modified fitness tool used to fully exercise all 29 muscle groups that make up a complete core workout. Angular placement allows users to target every aspect of individual muscles and muscle groups in an effective manner.

Core muscle workouts can be difficult to complete without the right equipment. Some equipment may only target specific muscles. People may lack the option to customize the intensity of their workouts.

The Boss AbBlaster is a multipurpose exercise tool targeted toward working out core muscles. A patented rotating indexing plate allows users to position themselves in the proper alignment to pinpoint and target every muscle group that makes up a complete core.

The foot docking station is comprised of a base plate pivotally fixed to a back plate at a hinge. The back plate includes a central pivot rotationally fixed with a foot plate that includes a shin engagement mechanism for engaging the shins of the user. The foot docking station is attachable to a lower bench.

A distal leg is fixed with the lower bench at a rotational leg mount, the lower bench including a receiver for engaging an upper bench. A proximal leg is fixed with the upper bench at another rotational leg mount. An auxiliary bench may be fixed with the upper and lower benches.

There are multiple configurations of the device available. A direct to consumer basic version is portable and lightweight. The residential pro version is for more advanced athletes. A commercial version for public fitness centers and gyms is also available. Each product can assist people with back pain, post-pregnancy recovering women, injury repair, and basic training from amateurs to professional athletes.