Switcheels are modified shoes capable of being converted into flat, mid-heel, or high-heel shoes. The three-in-one shoes offer a versatile and stylish option for multiple outfits during casual wear, professional wear, and more.

Wearing high heels can accommodate outfits for casual wear, work, and the like; however, the high heel can place an immense amount of stress and pressure on the wearer’s foot. People may wish to switch pairs of shoes throughout the day, but carrying more than one pair in a purse, backpack, etc. may not be feasible.

Switcheels are improved shoes capable of being converted into three different styles. The shoes feature a strap with an adjustable clip and an interchangeable heel section. Users can swap between three different types of heels: high heels, mid-sized heels, and flats. The heels can be interchanged with ease, at any desired time. Users can simply slide and lock-in the desired heel to change the style of shoe. The heels can be carried in an included carrying pouch designed to fit in a purse, pocket, etc.

Switcheels’ soles and heels can be constructed using plastic. The shoes may be available in various sizes. A hinge in the sole, located at the ball of the foot, enables the sole to rotate to accommodate any size of heels.