Steerable & Stable Wheelbarrow is a bracket, axle, and set of wheels for attaching to standard wheelbarrows for enhanced steerability and control. When installed in an inverted position, the axle prevents the wheelbarrow from moving for complete stability.

Many people struggle to push wheelbarrows, whether they lack arm strength, they overfill the basin, or they are traveling over uneven terrain. As a result, they may accidentally tip the wheelbarrow, dumping out the materials and creating a huge mess, or be forced to move very slowly, which is entirely inconvenient. Others may strain their back or muscles trying to push wheelbarrows, while some people may even require help from a second person. Additionally, it can be difficult to keep wheelbarrows stable and upright when using in a stationary position.

Steerable & Stable Wheelbarrow converts conventional wheelbarrows into new and improved wheelbarrows that are easier to control and steer, no matter a person’s physical strength, and also stable when using in a stationary position. It also allows users to maintain proper alignment of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine, even when fully loaded. This innovative product features a wheelbarrow conversion kit with a bracket, axle, and two wheels. The bracket, axle, and two wheels are attached to a standard wheelbarrow frame. Additionally, the bracket and axle can be made from steel, aluminum or other suitable material, and the wheels have a durable rubber tread.

Further, when the axle is installed on the wheelbarrow in an inverted position, it prevents movement, allowing people to use the wheelbarrow in a stationary position. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.