Solare Sunblock is an accessory capable of protecting the user’s face from harmful sun rays. The device can be easily adjusted for maximum shade over the face area, ensuring comfort while relaxing at a pool, beach, and more.

While relaxing outdoors, specifically at a pool or at the beach, people may be exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. People may use sunblock, umbrellas, and other items to prevent overexposure to the sun; however, most of these items may not be able to prevent discomfort on the facial area. Spots, premature aging, and wrinkles can be caused by sun rays on the face. People may be unable to obtain proper wind circulation if he/she uses an item that completely blocks the facial area.

Solare Sunblock is a small accessory used to protect the facial area from excessive UV ray exposure. The device is comprised of a cushion attached to an overhead hanging unit, placed over the facial area. Users can lay their head on the cushion and obtain protection from the sun via the overhead hanging unit. The hanging unit has various designs printed thereon, enabling users to customize the look of their Solare Sunblock. An optional accessory solar panel with a charger can be included to provide power for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The Solare Sunblock offers comfort in the sun while protection from UVA and UVB rays.