Power Weeding and Tilling is a set of lawn tool accessories designed to effectively remove weeds and their roots with ease. There is a 2-tine and a 4-tine version, both of which can be used in conjunction with any cordless or electrical drill for weeding.

Elderly people are often physically-limited but may still enjoy the benefits and fun of gardening. Physical limitations may prevent people from tending to their flowers and gardens. Weeds may grow rampant if a person cannot get on their hands and knees and dig through the soil in order to completely remove the weed and its roots. Some individuals may end up developing knee and back problems if he/she has been weeding for extensive periods of time.

Power Weeding and Tilling is a drill attachment designed to utilize a spinning motion and set of tines to completely remove weeds and their roots from a garden area. There is a 2-tine and a 4-tine version of the spinner tool—both tools can be sold as a kit or separately for individual use. The 2-tine weed spinner removes weeds and roots from a small 2.5 sq. inch area while the 4-tine weed ‘n till tool removes weeds and roots from larger, 10 sq. inch areas. The 4-tine version leaves soil tilled, aerated, and cultivated.

Users can choose their attachment, connect it to a cordless or electrical drill, point the tip at the center of the weed, and pull the trigger. The tines spin out all types of weeds and roots. Each tool is intended to remove shallow or deep weeds, along with entire roots, with a simple spinning motion. The tools are intended to provide more convenient and less-strenuous methods of removing weeds from various locations around a home or garden area.