Pet/Infant Food Warmer is a warming unit to keep sealed containers, jars or cans and their contents between 100 and 102 degrees. This device eliminates the need to heat food for pets and infants in the microwave and offers a warming and storage unit for various applications.

Heating pet food and baby food in a microwave not only alters the flavors of the food, but can also result in uneven heating and hot spots. In addition, when pet food is cold it sticks to the sides of the container and can remain gelatinous. Older pets are not enticed to eat when the food is cold or microwaved due to the unappetizing scent. Scooping the food out into a separate serving dish is time consuming and a wasted step.

Pet/Infant Food Warmer is a device designed for storing and warming various types of containers and their contents. The invention is comprised of high quality plastic and a plexiglass door. The door handle has a magnet to keep the unit closed. There is a warming pad around the sides and back keeping the top and bottom cool. It has a small thermostat in the back left corner. The device is designed to maintain the contents between 100 and 102 degrees. The unit cycles up to 102 degrees and then turns off. Once it gets down to 95 degrees it will turn back on.

It takes approximately 4.5 hours for room temperature items to get to the desired temperature. It is a 30-watt appliance and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. The unit may be kept full, but will operate if empty. The unit has an on/off button. A blue LED light comes on when the unit is in warming mode. Products may remain in the warmer as long as they are not expired. It is designed to hold (12) 5.5 ounce cans, (4) 14 ounce cans, (24) smaller cans, a multitude of packets, and other items that fit within the device.