Improved Sports Baseball Cap

Improved Sports Baseball Cap is a modified baseball hat with a small opening designed to accommodate pulled-up hairstyles. The rear portion of the cap features a cutout opening, allowing buns, ponytails,

Munchie Master

Munchie Master is a storage device for keeping potato chips or similar snacks organized and in an upright position. Many people keep multiple bags of chips or similar snacks in their

The Herb Grower

The Herb Grower is an advanced and easy-to-use modular vertical garden system that allows users to grow fresh greens, aromatic and decorative indoor and outdoor plants, and medicinal herbs. Small spaces

Make Em Fit

Make Em Fit is a soft shoe insert capable of filling out the front portion of an oversized sneaker, dress shoe, tennis shoe, and more. The device is soft, accommodating, and

Cocktail Glass

Cocktail Glass is a three-piece drink mixing system designed to create a delicious, well-mixed drink in a quick, easy, and convenient manner. The device offers customers a new way to mix

Featured Invention: HydroRoot

HydroRoot is an eco-friendly plant watering receptacle designed to quickly and easily deliver water and liquid fertilizer to plant root zones. The device reduces water consumption, time, and expenses for all

Featured Invention: HANGTIGHT™

HANGTIGHT™ is an ultra-convenient ladder accessory that enables tradesmen, homeowners, and more to hang tools from either or both sides of an extension ladder—increasing safety and productivity. Working on ladders with
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