No Ouchee is a tool used to help put on socks by eliminating the need to bend over in order to apply and/or remove the sock. The tool can be used while sitting or standing and includes a detachable handle for additional length and effective sock removal.

No Ouchee sock assist was designed to reduce painful bending as you put on socks and shoes. For anyone with limited range of motion this is the answer. This versatile tool functions as a sock installer, sock remover, and shoe/boot horn. A perfect tool for applying socks without bending as the long handle allows you to step right into the sock. No Ouchee sock assist also works while sitting in chairs. It functions with or without the handle adapting to your needs and height. No Ouchee works with all types of socks to include most compression styles. As a sock remover it slips them off so smooth it will make you sigh with relief. The No Ouchee also allows you to easily get into shoes and boots. The long handle and flexibility is extraordinarily useful for any size and shape.

No Ouchee is an ergonomic hand tool used to put on/off socks and a shoes/boot horn. The device is comprised of a soft plastic unit with a comfortable grip detachable handle. No Ouchee has extended reach reducing bending, twisting and frustration that comes with limited mobility. The tool can be used while standing or sitting for people of all sizes, shapes and range of motion. A great help for most compression socks and packs easily.