Munchie Master is a storage device for keeping potato chips or similar snacks organized and in an upright position.

Many people keep multiple bags of chips or similar snacks in their homes at once, or offer multiple chip-type snacks at a picnic or other buffet-style food event. Bags may take up excessive space and create a sloppy, cluttered appearance. Additionally, bags that are not upright and clipped are prone to spilling, attracting bugs, or losing their freshness.

Munchie Master is a compartmentalized organizational unit that can hold multiple bags of potato chips in an upright position. The invention can comprise a collapsible unit with multiple dividers. The units are designed to each hold one bag of chips or other snack food in an upright position. Each divider can have a bag clip tethered to it, thereby ensuring there is always a clip available for use on each bag. The invention can be taken apart into separate pieces and stored in an included mesh drawstring bag for storage and transport. A standard embodiment may have four separate compartments. The invention may also be used to store and organize plates, napkins, utensils, and related items. The device may be 5” high, 21” long and 10.5” wide or another suitable size. The design may come in a variety of colors and styles. The exact specifications may vary.