MarinAid-er™ Tray—the New, One-Step, No-Turn Way to Marinate—is a highly engineered, one-piece tray that eliminates the need to turn food because it marinates the bottom at the same time as the top, resulting in twice the marinated surfaces in half the time compared to not turning. This doubles the flavor, texture, tenderness, and health benefits in half the usual time while eliminating a step in preparation.

Many people opt to marinate beef, chicken, and other foods before cooking to improve their flavor, texture, and tenderness. Unfortunately, this can be a long process and it can be easy to forget to turn the food, resulting in only half the benefits of complete marination. Additionally, some people may be away from the home, running errands, or at work and are unable to turn marinating food. Other people may use disposable plastic bags, but these bags can be messy when removing the food and are also wasteful.

MarinAid-er™ Tray—the New, One-Step, No-Turn Way to Marinate—doubles the marinating surfaces of beef, chicken, and other foods compared to not turning, while halving the marinating time compared to turning. The tray boasts spacing and wicking features, including rails that create diamond-shaped wicking windows and a wicking tunnel that draw in the marinade liquid from the bottom of the dish. The windows, along with the unique spacing function of raised buttons, promote capillary action and saturate the bottom of the food with marinade.

Additionally, the tray is offered in two or more sizes to accommodate different food portions, and can be sold as a 4-pack with two large and two small trays. It is also offered in bright and fun colors that appeal to cooks of all ages, and can be packaged with MarinAid-er Dishes with a time indicator, high lid height, and fill line. A BurgerAid-er option is also offered for an endless variety of hamburgers.