Make Em Fit is a soft shoe insert capable of filling out the front portion of an oversized sneaker, dress shoe, tennis shoe, and more. The device is soft, accommodating, and allows toes to sink into it comfortably for extended wear.

Some people may be forced to wear oversized shoes due to various medical conditions and natural body shape. If an individual has different sized or wide feet, larger shoes may be required. These larger shoes may have excess space in the toe in order to accommodate the full width of the foot. In this manner, the shoes may be loose-fitting and difficult to prevent from slipping off during the day.

Make Em Fit is a uniquely-designed shoe insert providing individuals who wear oversized shoes with a way to ensure proper fit. The device is comprised of a small memory-foam insert shaped similarly to the toe portion of a shoe. The device is placed inside the front portion of sneakers, dress shoes, boots, and many other types of footwear in order to offer appropriate, comfortable fit.