Lap Tray is a reusable tray which, when placed on a user’s lap, offers a safe and secure place to store food. The tray is secured onto the legs and keeps food in an accessible and mess-free location to enjoy while traveling.

While at a movie theatre, in the car, at a ball park, etc., consuming food and beverages can be difficult. People are forced to hold items in one hand while only having the second hand free to consume items. Spills and messes are easily created, leaving people frustrated and with stained clothing. There may also be no place to store napkins and trash while eating.

Lap Tray is a cardboard tray used to store food and drinks. The device is intended to keep food and beverages stable while in the car, at the movies, and more. The device is comprised of a foldable tray with a middle compartment. The legs can be placed on opposite sides of the middle compartment in order to comfortably support the tray on a user’s lap.

The middle compartment is capable of storing trash until a trash can is located. Users can place food and drink on the tray while the tray is supported on the lap. Food and drinks are stabilized and kept supported in a mess-free and hands-free manner.

Lap Tray can be constructed using cardboard, paper, plastic, vinyl, and other suitable materials. The device measures approximately 16-17” in length, 8” in width, and 4-5” in height. Smaller options can be available for children.