People ages 65 and over represented 12.4% of the US population in the year 2000 but are expected to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030.  With the growth of the elderly population comes a growth in the need for caregivers…whether skilled nurses or loving family members.   And subsequently, there comes a need for products to assist in providing such care.
One such product is our featured invention of the month, a product titled “The Dignity Towel”, which comes from InventionHome client Sharon F. of Los Angeles, California
The Dignity Towel is a unique product with all the benefits of a standard towel, and some additional features to assist both caregivers and those needing care.   The towel features elastic and snaps which will ensure a secure fit when the caregiver wraps the towel around the person; this provides coverage and dignity in front of a person providing assistance when getting out of a bathtub.  The towel also has two reinforced handles, which allow for equal distribution of the person’s weight and enabling easy lifting/assistance without strain on the caregiver.

Sharonenlisted the help of InventionHome to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her invention.
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