Next holiday up is Thanksgiving.  And then, beginning on ‘Black Friday”, millions of Americans will dig through their attics and garages to free the dusty boxes containing holiday décor.  I love rediscovering the wreaths, ornaments and various other green and red treasures.  I adore the spirit of the holidays and all the sparkle and glitter.  But when it comes to hanging lights…untangling dozens of strands, changing bulbs, tripping circuits and spending hours in sub-zero temperatures to trim my porch and yard… I’ll admit I’m not a big fan.
That’s why I’m thrilled to present our Featured Invention…Blisslights Spright.
BlissLights Spright was developed by California inventor Alan L.  It is a low voltage laser light projector housed in a black outdoor-rated exterior.  It projects thousands of brilliant pinpoints of light that transform a yard or outdoor scene into an oasis of light.  The best part…just position the device (comes with yard stake) and then plug it in.  That’s it!

In addition to creating beautiful holiday displays, Blisslights Spright can be used for everyday lighting of trees, pools, gazebos, etc.


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