Are you ready to shape up in the New Year? If so, then this week’s Invention of the Week is the perfect tool to help you finally conquer your goal of getting into great shape! Invention Home is pleased to showcase The BandIt® Body Workout System- the newest in total body fitness. This innovative at home fitness product uses resistance bands to combine cardio and strength training for an effective metabolic workout.The BandIt® Body Workout System combines cardio and strength training, resulting in a highly energetic metabolic workout that trims and tones the body while minimizing time spent working out. This innovative product is based on a series of total-body exercises; each 20-minute workout burns fat and builds muscles while using the functional and sleek BandIt® elastic resistance band for each movement. By using this workout method, there’s no need to spend long, boring hours in the gym on a cardio machine or lifting weights.

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