Always find it a pain to move around those large household appliances? Struggle no more with “The Appliance Slider”, this week’s Invention of the Week, which enables a single person to move a washer or dryer, quickly and easily, without damaging the floor.

This innovative, patent-issued product utilizes frame brackets to mount and move a large appliance, such as a dryer or washing machine, unaccompanied. This would allow one person to move their large appliance from its original location without damaging the wall or flooring. The Appliance Slide is ideal when a large appliance must be temporarily relocated for cleaning purposes, inspections or for routine maintenance. The Appliance Slide can even be used to move the washer or dryer to retrieve dropped or lost items. This easy-to-use tool can be employed by a user of any age and of varying strength. The Appliance Slide is a timesaving device that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the various depths from different appliance manufacturers. The Appliance Slide would not only make the process of moving a washing machine or dryer faster and easier, but also allows the consumer to do it in a safe and stress free manner.

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