Who’s ready for some March Madness basketball? We’re all busy filling out our brackets and this week’s Invention of the Week fits right in with this fun time of year! The Strap Attachable Portable Basketball System provides a versatile basketball solution that can be mounted to almost any host structure. This unique product allows users to easily transport and install a basketball assembly on any residential streetlight, telephone pole, utility pole, or tree, perfect for an on-the-spot pick-up game anywhere!This system gives the user greater flexibility to play or practice the game of basketball in areas where it was not previously plausible. Better yet, the innovative strapping mechanism means the hoop can be installed without the need for tools and without incurring damage to the hosting structure. In addition, because of its adjustable features, the height can be changed to accommodate individual playing needs and preferences. Attaching the system to a streetlight will allow for night play as the light illuminates the backboard, rim, and playing area. This system is ideal for anyone looking to play or practice the game of basketball, at virtually any location.

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