The end of 2011 ushers in January’s PGA Show in Orlando, Florida (January 26-28). InventionHome staff will be at the show’s Inventor Spotlight pavilion as an exhibitor and sponsor. Here’s a preview of one of the “golf” products that we will feature at the show.

“Golf Training Glasses” are unique sunglasses with markings on the lenses that allow golfers to align themselves properly when putting. The product addresses the difficulty that many golfers have in keeping their heads down and not glancing back and forth from the ball to the hole. (In doing this, golfers can mess up their body alignment and posture, which are all important when putting the ball). Also, golfers can push or pull their shots by moving their head and upper body too quickly after they’ve hit the ball.

This unique product has two horizontal, parallel lines spanning each lens and a small box in-between the parallel lines in which the user lines up the ball with his or her dominant eye. To use, golfers simply keep the ball in the box to reduce head movement while swinging.

The inventor of this product enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention.

If you’re attending the PGA show in January, stop by our booth to give the “Golf Training Glasses” a try!

Special note to golf-product inventors: InventionHome has reserved three spots in our PGA show booth to exhibit new products! If you are interested in submitting your product for consideration, you may do so here.

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