Get any cool technology products for the Holidays? With this weeks’ Invention of the Week you will never have to worry about keeping those gadgets charged and ready for use!

Invention Home is pleased to showcase the Expandable Power Strip and Expandable Wall Plug. This two-in-one innovation is the ultimate problem solver for any and all rechargeable electronic devices.

Firstly, the Expandable Power Strip enables the user to expand the space between plugs, allowing oversized plugs such as those on cell phone chargers, computers, or other electronic devices to be easily plugged into the power strip. Specifically, it allows the user to slide a plugged-in item an inch or two to one side or the other, providing the extra room needed to accommodate an oversized plug. By eliminating the hassle of unplugging some items in order to make room for the large plug, the second innovative aspect to this product- the Expandable Wall Plug- is a necessary product for use in areas where many electronics or appliances need to be plugged in, such as home offices, kitchens or living rooms.

The inventor of this product enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

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