This week Orlando, FL plays host to the Professional Golf Association’s (PGA) annual Merchandise Show. Invention Home is proud to be there and in the golf spirit presents this week’s invention of the week- Dry-ve It! Dry-ve it is a device that attaches to a golf cart in order to speed up the drying time of wet golf gloves.

Dry-ve it allows golfers to rotate out their sweaty gloves for dry ones throughout their round of golf. The invention attaches to a golf cart and lets the wind naturally accelerate the drying process. The product is portable and can be easily stored in a user’s existing golf bag. It’s durable and may attach to any standard golf cart pole. Any golfer who is prone to perspire may appreciate how this invention may affordably keep them swinging comfortably. Many golfers wear gloves so that they may get a better grip when swinging a club. However, when a glove becomes moist due to perspiration, the club may slip anyway. Then the golfer’s swing may be thrown off and the golf ball may not go where he or she intended it to go. It may be expensive for a golfer to purchase multiple gloves to wear every three or four holes, making the Dry-ve It the perfect golfer-friendly solution.

The inventor of this product enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

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