Summertime brings many outdoor delights, but also brings biting insects that can make outdoor living miserable.  Inventor Raymond S. has developed a unique bug zapper to rid outdoor spaces of the pesky insects.
The Deer Fly Eliminator is a uniquely designed, outdoor, bug zapping product that will eradicate deer flies, bell hornets, mosquitoes, moths, beetles and many other biting flies that are not otherwise attracted to a standard bug zapping unit. The addition of motion to a standard bug zapper takes these units to a higher level of flying insect eradication. The greatest advantage of this device is it doesn’t attract honeybees, which are loved by all farmers and flower enthusiasts. This device offers an improved method for ridding an outdoor area of nuisance insects as it features a rotating component that will catch the eye of these insects. Ordinary bug zappers attract insects by light and mating lures not thinking that bugs also use their sight to find prey. Attracted to movement, the insect will venture toward the Deer Fly Eliminator expecting a meal, only to be “zapped” on contact. The painful bites of these annoying insects will no longer be felt with the addition of Deer Fly Eliminator to any outdoor porch or patio area.

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