If you’re preparing the traditional turkey feast tomorrow (Thanksgiving), you might want to learn more about independent inventor Eduardo S’s “Turbo Roaster”.

The device is said to shorten the baking time of turkey and other poultry by up to 50%! Also, because it cooks with super-heated steam to melt the fat away and retain the bird’s natural juices, the result is moist and tender perfection.

This patented product consists of a glass jar with an airtight

lid and a small bent pipe that runs from the jar to the inside of the turkey or chicken. The jar is filled with some water and the lid is tightly sealed. The opposite end of the pipe is placed inside of the bird’s cavity, and the whole thing is then placed inside of the oven. As the bird cooks, the water in the jar boils, creating steam, which becomes trapped in the pipe. When the temperature of the steam reaches 350 degrees, it expands and pushes itself out of the pipe to cook from inside.

I happened to score one of Eduardo’s samples of this unique device, and I will be testing it out tomorrow with my Thanksgiving party of 7.

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