DashTray is the only table of its kind that can be used in home and office settings by a variety of users in need of a solid, flat surface in front of them while in a sitting position.

When sitting in a bed, chair, or couch, individuals often experience discomfort due to poor posture. The neck, back, and arms can become strained when trying to perform a task, such as typing on a computer while seated. There are limited options to provide a flat and secure tabletop for use. Existing options tend to be unstable and have a lack of adjustment and storage options. Without the ability to adjust, users of different sizes cannot be accommodated without the ability to adjust.

DashTray is like an airplane first-class table, but that can be used at home and work. DashTray is an adjustable table/tray for individuals in a seated position. The invention is comprised of a pre-assembled tabletop unit. The components are packaged in a wooden box. Included components are two trays, tray holder, flipper, box base, elevating blocks, telescopic tubes, end leg and tray locks. The box base can be attached to most furniture without affecting the integrity of the furniture and support the wooden box to stay secured for use. There are telescopic tubes that allow adjustment of tray’s height. Rods are for moving trays fore and aft. The flipper part allow table to swing 270 degrees that allows tray to move from vertical position to horizontal to be used. The tray holder part interacts with the flipper to extend the tray’s outward. Trays can be easily removed and cleaned. The tabletop cover may have different themes and designs.