Zipper Genie is a device that assists women with zipping and unzipping dresses and other garments quickly and conveniently without help from another person, while doubling as a fashion accessory when not in use.

It can be difficult for women to zip and unzip dresses and shirts with a zipper down the back, whether dress shopping alone, traveling for business or pleasure, or simply home alone. Women often find themselves twisting around or painfully contorting their body to shimmy the zipper up or down. Additionally, this can be especially problematic for plus-size women, the elderly with limited mobility, and pregnant women.

Zipper Genie hooks and zips any dress in a few simple steps, allowing women to confidently flaunt their look. This innovative product may comprise a curb chain, a metal hook, a metal clip, and a suede leather tassel. The hook can attach to a zipper by inserting the hook through the hole on the zipper’s pull-tab. The clip can be secured to the dress until ready to zip up.

When ready, women can firmly place one hand near the base of the zipper, and pull the chain straight up. They can then secure their clip to the dress, accessorizing the ensemble with the decorative tassel and chain. For zippers without a hole in the pull tab, simply attach the hook to the jump ring. Additionally, the tassel can be offered in a wide range of colors to complement any outfit or look. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.