Travel Pocket is a unique, wearable pouch that protects travelers from pickpockets and electronic identification theft. The device features hook and loop fasteners which secure items within the pouch, preventing theft of important documents, money, and much more.

People save for years to be able to vacation, but a single moment of lapsed attention could mean the difference between a trip of a lifetime and a nightmarish time. Pickpockets in foreign countries and cities seek out tourists, who may be conspicuous based on their dress or behavior. More savvy criminals can use portable electronic scanners to glean or skim a person’s data from their credit cards. Furthermore, it can be uncomfortable to sit on a wallet for prolonged periods of time, and it may result in or exacerbate sciatica.

Travel Pocket is a uniquely designed pouch that secures documents, cash, and credit cards from theft and electronic scanners. This innovative product comprises a pouch made from 400 denier polyurethane nylon material lined with RFID blocking nickel copper. The product measures 6 inches by 9.5 inches. It is attached to a shoulder harness and fits snugly underneath the wearer’s arm.

There is both a main pocket secured by hook and loop fastener as well as an outside pocket for documents. The main pocket is lined with RFID blocking nickel copper material, while the outer pocket is not. The hook and loop fasteners ensure all materials placed within the Travel Pocket are firmly secured, away from pickpockets and potential thieves.The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.