The JoePod™ is a unique conversion device which offers a way for individuals to brew single serve coffee pods in a standard coffee maker. Users can simply fill the coffee maker with water, place the device in the coffee filter basket, and enjoy fresh-brewed, single-serve coffee in a matter of minutes.

Most consumers primarily use a standard kitchen coffee maker to brew a regular pot of coffee. Brewing a single cup of coffee typically requires an expensive single-serve coffee brewer. Having two coffee makers is inefficient, particularly for dorm rooms, second homes, and hotel room coffee. Traditional drip coffee makers brew pots of coffee and are not efficient when one cup is all that is required. Enter The JoePod™, a unique adapter that allows existing drip coffee makers to brew single serve pods at a fraction of the cost of a new brewer.

In addition, some consumer may want a different coffee at different times of the day, or their own unique blend of coffee—flavored, decaffeinated, or lighter roast. Consumers who want to have their own specially-designed cup of coffee—not the leftovers from the morning brew—may favor a special way of creating their own blend of coffee using their own coffee pods.