Soft Bling is a soft, protective ring cover that prevents scratching and damage to the ring or to other individuals.

Countless jobs and tasks involve a person getting their hands dirty. Working in a garden, mixing dough, painting a wall – any of these tasks and many more could result in damage to a ring. Furthermore, anyone who cuts hair, works in therapy, or has any hands-on contact with individuals typically cannot wear a ring for fear of accidentally scratching the individual. As a result they will typically take the ring off, which is when it can be accidentally lost or even stolen.

Soft Bling is a wearable protective ring cover. This innovative product comprises a soft, pink, latex-free band that fits around a ring. The product secures with tabs and has an upraised central portion to accommodate jewelry settings. The product protects the ring from outside damage and also protects other objects and individuals from being accidentally scratched by the ring. Because of its stretchable nature the product is one size fits all.