Shinemaxx™ is a gentle, non-streaking universal polish for automotive detailing, electronic screens, and more.

Anyone who owns a cellphone knows that keeping the screen clean and free of smudges can be an endless struggle. The same goes for any chrome or stainless steel surfaces, such as appliances, countertops, or automotive accents. Televisions and monitors acquire smudges and fingerprints constantly, and even dry-erase boards can be difficult to clean. While there exist plenty of products on the market to clean such surfaces, few if any are able to actively repel and resist smudges and fingerprints.

Shinemaxx™ is a fingerprint resistant, universal streak-free polish. This innovative product comprises a polish that allows surfaces to remain cleaner for a longer duration of time before a re-cleaning or re-treatment is necessary than they otherwise would. The product works on virtually any surface type, including but not limited to plastic, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, and marble. It can be used on delicate surfaces such as camera lenses and laptop screens, as well as leather goods such as boots and shoes. It can be applied in direct sunlight as well as extreme cold. The product is available as both a universal polish as well as a touchscreen solution.