Planter Drain Off is an expertly fabricated planter tray that catches and drains off drip water, protecting patio and deck surfaces from stagnant water.

Many people place potted plants on patios, decks, and sidewalks to improve the appearance of their home, office, or business. Although planters come in various sizes and shapes, the vast majority are configured in virtually the same way—that being a container with a hole or holes in or near the bottom to drain excess water. Unfortunately, the water then puddles on the patio or deck, causing structural or cosmetic damage, as well as creating a slick surface.

Planter Drain Off prevents drip water from spilling onto a patio or deck surface where the plant is located or accumulating in a planter tray. This innovative product comprises a planter tray with a concave bottom and three raised ridges that force water to the interior perimeter of the tray, where it then drains out through a 0.5” round drain spout. The spout extends outward from the outside bottom edge of the tray where a nylon tube is attached to carry the water to a flowerbed or yard area, leaving the patio or deck surface clean and dry. The tray is mold injected, made of polyurethane for enhanced strength and stability, and accommodates any size planter. Small pots rest on the raised ridges inside the tray, and larger pots sit on top of the tray. The tray measures only 1” in height and holds weight over 125 pounds.