HydroRoot is an eco-friendly plant watering receptacle designed to quickly and easily deliver water and liquid fertilizer to plant root zones. The device reduces water consumption, time, and expenses for all plant growers.

When watering a garden the majority of individuals use a garden hose to saturate the ground until they feel the plants are adequately watered. However, the amount of water coming from a hose averages three to five gallons per minute. This amount of water not only over-saturates the plants, but also increases water consumption and therefore water costs. Surface watering with a hose or sprinkler also waters the surrounding soil, which encourages weed production This can result in hours spent weeding. At the same time, the plants in the garden may be under nourished. Plants that reside on a slope may not get the water or fertilizer they need due to the run-off. It is difficult for a gardener to tell if the plant has received the proper amount of water and nutrients.