HANGTIGHT™ is an ultra-convenient ladder accessory that enables tradesmen, homeowners, and more to hang tools from either or both sides of an extension ladder—increasing safety and productivity.

Working on ladders with various tools can be extremely dangerous, especially when tools are placed loosely on ladder rungs or hang precariously from tool belts. Additionally, people may drop expensive tools and pieces of equipment, not only damaging the dropped items and surrounding property but also potentially injuring others on the floor.

HANGTIGHT™ holds tools and equipment at arm’s length when working on a ladder. This innovative product comprises a compact, durable, and lightweight ladder accessory that holds up to 35 pounds of tools, equipment, and supplies on either or both sides of a ladder. The HANGTIGHT™ makes ladder work safer and more productive by reducing the number of trips required up and down ladders. This unique accessory fits all modern Louisville® or Werner® extension ladders and many others for nearly universal use. An anchor ring also allows for attachment to tool lanyards and leashes, preventing dropped tools and equipment from elevated positions.

To install the HANGTIGHT™, firmly grasp the accessory like the handlebar of a bicycle and turn the knob clockwise with the other hand until it expands to almost fit a ladder rung. Next, climb the ladder to the desired height and insert the HANGTIGHT™ into the open end of a ladder rung until it stops. Turn the knob clockwise until it securely locks into place. To remove, simply turn the knob counter-clockwise until loose and slide it out. Single-handed installation means the accessory can quickly be moved from rung to rung. Its compact design also allows the HANGTIGHT™ to be easily stowed in a tool belt or jacket.