Groomstick clamps clothing on an ironing board, allowing users to pull the material tight to easily vacuum away pet hair, remove lint and sweater pills, cut fabric, press and sew clothing, iron perfect creases into clothing, and more.

Without help from a second person, it can be difficult to hold clothing in place on an ironing board. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to work with clothing as it lifts and bunches up with even slight movement. This is especially problematic for people with limited control of their hands and fingers, arthritis suffers, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

Groomstick acts as a third hand to make ironing and various other tasks easy and manageable. This innovative product comprises a device with a patented grip strip that holds clothes firmly yet gently in place on an ironing board. Hooks on both ends of the device are internally connected to stretchable bands. By stretching the device across an ironing board and attaching the hooks to the side of the board, the device clamps down on the top of the ironing board to hold clothing in place. After use, the Groomstick releases very quickly and easily from the ironing board.