Eco-Loop is a universal adapter and pouring spout that connects to any bottle size to assist users in pouring without spillage.

Using a funnel to pour fluid into a vehicle or piece of machinery has several challenges. Pouring in hard to reach places often results in fluid dripping onto the vehicle, floor, and surrounding area. Not only is this messy, but also toxic to the environment. Dust, dirt, and bugs often collect on the inside of the funnel after use. Cleaning a funnel after use can be a time consuming and almost impossible task.

Eco-Loop offers a mess-free and efficient method for pouring various types of fluids from various sized bottles. The invention is comprised of a flexible tube, the main body, the small universal adapter, and the large adapter. With the use of two different adapters the Eco-Loop is able to attach to several different sizes of bottles 1L, 2L, 4.4L & 5L bottles.

First determine the size of adapter that will fit your bottle, larger removable adapter or smaller one on main body. Screw the desired adapter to the bottle. Position the spout end into the fill hole and tip the bottle up until you have added the required amount. The breather valve on the side of the main body can be opened to allow for faster pouring. After filling, close the breather valve, unscrew the adapter from the bottle and then screw both ends of the unit together to secure any leftover fluid for later use.