Disposable Litter Box is a unique concept that raises the bar to a new level in home pet care and convenience. With easy setup and disposal, this litter box not only improves sanitation but also reduces one’s impact on the environment.

Conventional litter boxes can make a mess around the home, requiring frequent cleaning by pet owners to ensure the home is safe and sanitary. Additionally, cleaning litter boxes typically requires the use of harsh chemicals and handling of feline feces. Unfortunately, if handled improperly, pet owners can contract toxoplasmosis and other related illnesses.

Disposable Litter Box revolutionizes the way pet owners store and change litter boxes. This innovative product is made from one piece of die-cut, post-consumer recycled paper and a moisture-proof tray, folded flat for compact shipping. In use, pet owners can simply open to a full-size litter box and add their favorite litter. To dispose of the litter, pet owners can simply close and latch the handles together. They can then use the top-mounted handles for a no-spill trip to the trash. Optionally, the litter box comes prefilled in a 3” high version that operates in a similar manner with the same benefits. The litter box’s exterior can be finished in highly decorative graphics that can reflect seasons, holidays, and more to match a home’s décor.

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