BugBrush is a child’s toothbrush and teething toy which offers a product for children from six months to two years of age to chew on throughout the day, after meals and snacks, in order to reduce plaque and food debris on teeth.

Some parents may have difficulty cleaning their infant’s teeth due to children disliking the uncomfortable feeling of a toothbrush in their mouth. Standard toothbrushes are unsafe for an infant to use independently, and infants may dislike their parents’ attempts to clean their teeth. The sensation of bristles can be extremely bizarre, leading the child to immediately reject the idea of having their teeth brushed. This can lead to early childhood tooth decay and poor dental habits in the child’s future.

BugBrush is a combination toothbrush and teething tool for infants and toddlers. The device is comprised of multiple segmented body parts, each of which features bristles on the top portion. Each segment is connected with a plastic secure hinge. Once fixed together, the joints are secured further by a flexible thermoplastic elastomer. The segments function similarly to shock absorbers in the same manner as an adult toothbrush neck can flex. Children can chew on the toy after snacks and meals in order to effectively clean their teeth.

The invention is intended to reduce early childhood tooth decay (E.C.C.). The product is safe for children to use independently without parental assistance. The BugBrush combines the plaque-removing effectiveness of toothbrushes with the fun and safe elements of a toy, empowering infants to clean their teeth through play.

BugBrush is constructed using BPA-free, ABS plastic. Each bristle is trimmed to approximately 5mm in height, the same height as a milk tooth.